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Our Services

  • Proactive Claims Management

  • Preventative and Early Intervention

  • Outsourced RTW Services (Local & National)

  • Premium Management

  • WH&S Services

  • Outsourced Workers Compensation Services

Workers Compensation is one of the largest cost to a business and the frustration it causes can lead employers to lose focus on the most important aspects of their business. Our role is simply to manage Workers Compensation for them which leads to an overall increase in yearly savings.Whether it’s managing claims, reviewing premiums, industry codes or looking at risk management to help minimise the possibility of claims, we can help you!

It’s our role to drive accountability with all stakeholders involved in the Workers Compensation process. Our services are tailored to the need of the employer, and our costs are minimal as we look to develop long term partnerships with businesses to ensure continual savings.

Over the last few years Finsura Workers Compensation Services have grown as a direct result of the need for expertise in Workers Compensation matters.. We have a fantastic team of claim managers and account manager and each of our staff have over 10 years experience in the Workers Compensation Industry and all bring a variety of skills that employers can leverage off.

The services that we provide have been developed in consultation with employers, insurers, legal and rehabilitation providers enabling us to provide quality products at minimal cost. We cater for businesses of all sizes, wholesalers (10 staff) to national providers (over 2000 staff ) in all industries and sectors. Our results come from driving all stakeholders to be accountable for their role in the life cycle of claims and helping employers with preventative behaviors.